maria doerr

Maria cultivates just and sustainable initiatives for people and the planet.  

As a social sector consultant, Maria has supported philanthropies and nonprofits develop robust, thoughtful, and dynamic strategies and projects to address critical issues in conservation, educational equity, climate, and community engagement. Formerly, she served a Stanford fellowship with Conservation International on community-informed watershed conservation between Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. Her work on social and environmental issues has led her across the U.S. and around the world – from gathering public commentary on Cap & Trade Grant programs in California, to supporting rural solar energy in Nicaragua, and researching program feasibility for sustainable cities in New Delhi. She actively participated in, and conducted research at, two United Nations Climate Change Conferences at COP21 in Paris and COP24 in Katowice.

Music and creative endeavors have been a part of all her journeys. Two of Maria's audio documentaries have aired internationally and she has shared her voice through music and storytelling with large and small audiences around the world. 

Maria is from central Missouri. She attended Conserve School, a boarding school dedicated to Environmental Stewardship, and the Woolman Semester School for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability. She graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Environmental Systems Engineering and a Notation in Scientific Communication. 


See a snapshot of her resume below



Stanford University

2013 - 2017

B.S. Environmental Systems Engineering

with a focus in Urban Environments

Notation in Scientific Communication



Redstone Strategy Group

Colorado, USA

2018 - 2020

Water & Cities Fellow

Conservation International

Mexico City, Mexico

2017 - 2018

Smart Cities Fellow

The Energy and Resources Institute

New Delhi, India 


Solar Power Community Liaison


Bluefields, Nicaragua


Environmental Policy Intern

The Strategic Growth Council 

Sacramento, California


Senior Intern

The Green Schools Alliance

2013 - 2014



Rob Williams Award for Emerging

Environment and Public Policy Leaders

Recipient - Association for Conflict Resolution


Stanford Award of Excellence



Udall Environmental Scholarship

Honorable Mention 


Stanford Women of Impact



Introductory Seminar Award of Excellence 

Environmental Literacy Class Recognition 


American Civil Liberties Award

Central Missouri Recipient