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Big Citizen

I designed the logo for Big Citizen in advance of their launch in 2020. Big Citizen was founded to create more policy power for the public. To show my support, I offered my artistic eye. 

Big Citizen aims to redefine local and state politics: it is not representing the interests of Big Pharma, Big Tech, or Big Business. Instead, it reflects the interests of citizens. Through crowdsourced lobbying, Big Citizen wants individuals and their communities to have more say in the policy and political decisions that affect them. 


Design choices I made in the logo reflect key aspects of Big Citizen:

  • The “i” in Big is an individual, a citizen, to represent how the organization wants to give the public in policy decisions

  • The words are in a speech bubble to emphasize free speech and the power of our collective voice 


Learn more about Big Citizen at

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