speaking & facilitation


Keynote Guest Speaker

Stand, work, sing: A young person’s approach to saving the natural world

as part of the keynote speech with Jeff Rennicke 

Wilderness Wildlife Week

May 7th, 2019

Moderator and Organizer

Securing urban viability through Nature: The Water Forest of Mexico City

APPAM 2018 International Conference

Public Policy for Sustainable Metropolitan Development

July 19th, 2018

Know Tomorrow MC

Know Tomorrow: Climate Rally with Special Guest Al Gore

Students for a Sustainable Stanford

October 2nd, 2015

1st Runner Up for Nationals

Dramatic Interpretation

National Forensic League 

May, 2013

work experience

Teaching Assistant

ENGR 103: Public Speaking for Engineers

The Stanford Technical Communications Program

January 2016 - December 2017

Oral Communication Tutor

Hume Center for Writing & Speaking

Stanford University

September 2016 - June 2017

Clear oral communication is key for effective and persuasive work. I strive to find professional environments to develop my speaking skills and teach others. 

As a Teaching Assistant, I learned to lead by the needs of the classroom and modified the lesson plans, making creative exercises to help my students practice English and gain confidence standing in front of their peers. I learned to adapt quickly to support a diverse classroom that included both freshmen undergraduates and ESL foreign graduate students. 


Workshop: Visioning Environmental Justice at Stanford

Environmental Justice Coordinator

Students for a Sustainable Stanford

October 2015

Panel: The California Drought: Addressing Environmental Injustices

Shaking the Foundations: Progressive Lawyering Conference

Stanford Law School

November 2015

Panel: Women Leaders in Environmental Justice

Shaking the Foundations: Progressive Lawyering Conference

Stanford Law School

November 2014

Public Workshops: Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities Grant

The Strategic Growth Council

Fresno, Oakland and Los Angeles

Summer 2014



Between Spring 2014 - June 2016, I served as the Environmental Justice Coordinator in Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS). Through this leadership position I collaborated with student groups across campus, organized the annual campus-wide Environmental Justice Week and supported the rest of SSS to ensure all our projects are done through the lens of environmental justice. I regularly connected with local environmental justice organizations and facilitated workshops.


One such workshop was entitled Visioning Environmental Justice at Stanford, and brought together undergraduate and graduate students and organizations to discuss intersectional environmental justice issues on campus. As the Facilitator, I sought to find ways to build relationships between different groups, find ways our missions could align for collaborative work, and brainstorm ways environmental justice thinking could be better integrated into our day to day efforts.


In 2015 I co-organized a panel on The California Drought: Addressing Environmental Injustices at the Shaking the Foundations: Progressive Lawyering Conference along with two members of the Stanford Environmental Law Society. In 2014, I coordinated and facilitated a panel on Women Leaders in Environmental Justice for Shaking the Foundations. The panel was the only event organized by an undergraduate and only one of two that focused on the environment that year. 

During Summer 2014, I interned with the Strategic Growth Council in Sacramento, California on the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Grant Program. I facilitated public commentary on the Grant guidelines at meetings in Fresno, Oakland and Los Angeles, synthesizing input from individuals, NGOs and local governance bodies for use in Grant Guideline revisions. I helped train and organize up to 20 volunteer notetakers at each of the public workshops.

Original Images by Maria Doerr © 2018