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1: to bring together or into contact so that a link is established

2: to place in relationship

3: to bind together

Organized and led a workshop with the Association for Conflict Resolution on how consultants can become more accountable to the communities their work aims to serve. View the recording of the workshop here.

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Workshop: ¿De dónde viene el agua?

Where does the water come from?

Led a workshop on water, health, and wildlife with youth and families in the Ahuayoto Community Center in Santo Tomás Ajusco, Mexico in 2018.


Performed an original song at the COP24 UN Climate Conference in Poland about urgency and our legacy. View the lyrics and the performance here.


Student podcast for the Stanford SciCast in 2015. Interviewed leading Stanford professors about how they navigate the climate crisis in their research and approach advocacy in their work.


Personal essay on important childhood lessons, and how they show up today. Submission to the SustainUS - COP24 Climate Justice Challenge in 2018.


Teaching: Design Thinking Purpose Project at CU Boulder - Leeds School of Business

Co-facilitated a design thinking course for top undergraduate scholars at CU Boulder. Coached students through real-world student projects with NGOs and companies on how to build empathy, foster creativity, and build authentic solutions. 

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Teaching: Public Speaking & Oral Communications at Stanford

Teaching Assistant to ENGR 103: Public Speaking for Engineers and ​Oral Communications Tutor at the Stanford Hume Center for Writing & Speaking between 2015-2017. 

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Op-Ed in the Columbia Daily Tribune on the role cities, including those in mid-Missouri, can play to advance climate action and create livable communities that benefit everyone. Published 2016.


Speaking: Stand, work, sing: A young person’s approach to saving the natural world

Keynote Guest Speaker with Jeff Rennicke at the 2019 Wilderness Wildlife Week.

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