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Menlo Park City Council

Maria was appointed to the City Council of Menlo Park in January 2023

It is an honor to represent District 5 - Sharon Heights & West Menlo!


Below are Maria's top priorities as City Councilmember

Image by Georgiana Andreca

Downtown Vibrancy

Strengthen our community through downtown revitalization

Maria supports efforts to:

  • Bring more affordable housing downtown where residents can easily access transit, restaurants, and city amenities

  • Support the arts and promote community gatherings downtown

  • Lift up our local businesses and bring more small businesses to town

Image by Steve DiMatteo

Safe Streets

Improve our roads to make Menlo Park accessible and safe for everyone

Maria supports efforts to:

  • Improve road safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users 

  • Upgrade city road infrastructure

  • Support transit-oriented development to  reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT)

Worker installing solar panels on a roof

Sustainability & Climate Action

Ensure Menlo Park is a healthy and sustainable place for all residents


Maria supports efforts to:

  • Protect and expand green space

  • Deepen community resilience to disasters

  • Address flooding and sea level rise

  • Improve energy efficiency and renewable energy access to help residents reduce bills and improve air quality

What is Maria up to?

Below is a snapshot of what Maria does in her role as City Councilmember

City Council Meetings

Visit the City of Menlo Park website to find links and agendas for City Council meetings.


A complete list of city events are on this page.

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